Full-Flight and Combat Simulators
ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries

Full flight and combat mission military aircraft simulators allow the trained pilots to develop their two basic skills – in performing flights and combat operations simultaneously.

Realistic simulation of the actual battlefield is provided by software generating a virtual battlefield, using elements of artificial intelligence.

The flight simulator cockpit is a replica of a real cockpit of a chosen type or an aircraft version. Instruments, indicators and flight controls are faithfully replicated and a way of handling is in conformity with the real. Simulation work of the aircraft selected installations, navigation and flight control systems is provided including emergencies as well as full simulation of acoustic effects. External situation is presented to the trained pilot on a monitor or projection system using LCD projectors.

An instructor station provides easy control and monitoring of the unit and allows to easily create an exercise scenarios (aircraft configuration, weather conditions, time of flight, simulated emergencies and tactical situation).

The training on our simulators allows, inter alia:

  • to familiarize with the aircraft cockpit,
  • training in pilotage,
  • VFR and IFR flights,
  • radio-navigation flights,
  • air strikes on ground targets in terms of active air defense with the full spectrum of missiles and unguided rockets carried by the type of an aircraft or helicopter,
  • attacks on air targets with A-A missile and guns,
  • exercises in use of self-defense procedures (RWS, flares, chaffs),
  • training in emergencies,
  • egress procedures training.