Forward Artillery Observers Simulator
ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries

In the field, it is expensive and dangerous to train forward artillery observers, infantry and armored unit commanders with artillery. Simulation increases training efficiency. ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries has developed a flexible, portable and cost-effective simulator for this purpose.
Training Possibilities:

  • Single observer training
  • Multiple observer team training
  • Training infantry and armored units commanders in coordination with artillery

System Features:

  • Generic or geographically-specific 3D terrain database
  • Map creation
  • Map symbols according to APP-6A
  • Customized range of targets (vehicles, aircraft, infrastructure objects, etc.)
  • Levels of target destruction
  • Customized range of weapon types (mortars, howitzers, multiple rocket systems)
  • Customized range of ammunition types
  • Wide spectrum of climatic and meteorological conditions
  • Customer-defined target, weapon systems and ammunition
  • Multiple fire plans (single gun, battery, battalion, regiment)


  • Forward air controller/close air support
  • Close loop training
  • Joint operations training (infantry, armored units, engineering units, air support)
  • Naval scenarios
  • Simulated selected FAO’s recognition and communication systems
  • HLA external transmission