PT-91 Tank Training Simulator

Drawing on 20 years of experience designing, building, upgrading and servicing systems, ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries offers a state-of-the-art simulator for the PT-91 tank.
The simulator makes it possible to carry out full technical and tactical training of PT-91 tank crews. It supports the following:

  • Operation and correct use of all board systems and devices by all crew members
  • Driving the tank in every terrain and all weather conditions
  • Cooperation of crew members
  • Combat missions
  • Emergency and dangerous situations

As part of combat missions carried out on the simulator, the crew is able to train for the following tasks in high fidelity:

  • Carrying out tasks in highly realistic battlefield environments,
  • Detecting and identifying various targets,
  • Detecting and evaluating potential threats, including effective use of warning and self-defense systems,
  • Cooperating on the battlefield.

Main components include:
Instructor station, driver’s compartment and the turret with commander and gunner stations. Depending on user’s needs, the driver’s compartment and the turret compartment can be installed on motion platforms simulating the actual movement of the tank. Both compartments can be adapted for crew training with open and closed hatches.
During exercises on the simulator, the crew operates in a highly realistic virtual environment including such elements as:

  • 3D terrain with high-fidelity digital simulation of terrain shape, type and infrastructure (terrain generic or actual)
  • Weather conditions (clouds, precipitation, visibility)
  • Season and time of day
  • 3D moving objects (vehicles, fixed and rotor-wing aircraft, vessels, military equipment, etc.)
  • Battlefield (active own and enemy means)

The simulator provides accurate replicas of the actual stations in the tank. Equipment is identical to the simulated tank. Software imitates in high-fidelity all the important tank parameters and characteristics, in particular:

  • Performance and movement characteristics
  • Operation of instruments, board systems and installations
  • Operation of sensors and auxiliary equipment
  • Weapon systems
  • Warning and self-defense systems
  • Emergency situations

A multi-dimensional sound system simulates all the noises heard by crew.
Connecting a few simulators in a common network creates an integrated training system for PT-91 tank crews. Depending on configuration, the system enables crews to carry out individual missions, patrols (two crews) or operate as a tank platoon. Training crews can act in real-time on a common virtual battlefield. This gives them the opportunity to master the difficult but crucial skill of coordination. It is possible to connect other simulators to this network, e.g. armored vehicle simulators.
The Special Briefing and Debriefing Station is used to prepare the crew for an exercise and discussing and evaluate its results. The simulator offered by ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries is a state-of-the-art, highly effective training element for PT-91 tank crews. Simulator configuration and virtual battlefield are always customized.