ETC-PZL History
ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries

History of the company reaches back to 1984 when a special team was formed within the State Aviation Works PZL „Warszawa – Okęcie”. Its aim was to accomplish aircraft simulator programs. In 1988 this team was reshaped into an independent group for innovations and implementation of new technologies and later, in 1991 transformed into a limited liability company

Its shares are owned by Environmental Tectonics Corporation – American public company and AIRBUS Poland S.A.

ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries Sp. z o.o. activity begun with modernizations and providing services for training cockpits of MiG-21bis fighter and next construction of that aircraft flight simulator in digital. Simultaneously work was taken in reference with designing and manufacturing Iapetus – the flight research simulator built on a 6DoF motion platform. The simulator is still in operation in the Institute of Aviation Medicine.

The success of both programs and very high appraisals given by the users resulted in other Polish MoD’s projects to be accomplished by the company. They were among other things simulators for TS-11 ISKRA and PZL-130 trainers, Su-22M4 combat aircraft and for W-3 SOKÓŁ helicopter. The simulators with simplified visualization system, egress procedure trainers and training devices of various type were also subject of supplies. Some of the simulators, completely designed and built in ETC-PZL were provided with 6DoF motion system In turn, for the Polish Land Forces, ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries in co-operation with OBRUM Gliwice – R&D Machinery Equipment Center, designed and manufactured full simulator for PT-91 MBT.

Products of the company are addressed not only to military customers. Among other things, the company manufactured EPO9 locomotive full simulator and a visual monitoring system of passenger cars for the Polish State Railways. The system is also utilized by Ukrainian railways.

Since 1998 the company has been working on joint projects with the Environmental Tectonics Corporation preparing software and terrain database for a variety of simulators and training devices designed for training both military and civilian pilots. Our software and database are installed , among others in spatial disorientation trainers, centrifuges with combat missions simulations and also in simulators for tactical training commanders of rescue services and special vehicle drivers.