ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries

Simulators substantially improve training, increasing effectiveness and safety. Systems offered by ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries enable trainees to master practical safety skills for driving a range of vehicles, including buses and trucks, under a variety of road conditions.
Drivers practice their responses to system failures and familiarize themselves with potential traffic risks, while also mastering economical driving. These systems can be used to evaluate candidates’ ability to become professional drivers.
While preparing a scenario, the instructor may select among the following: Vehicle configuration (e.g. truck, articulated road train or cistern) and configuration of transported cargo | Driving area | Types of roads and conditions | Weather conditions, season and time of the day | Traffic intensity | Failures in selected vehicles’ systems
In addition, the instructor may drive a specific vehicle.
The simulator cabin can be a replica of specific vehicle types or a generic cabin. The software provides accurate reproductions of the dynamic characteristics of movement in a simulated vehicle within the entire operation range, considering the selected vehicle’s configuration and environmental conditions, as well as parameters of its systems and equipment operation. These characteristics are developed based on the results of field tests for a given type of vehicle. In order to intensify the impact of movement, the simulator’s cabin can be mounted on a moving platform of 6 DoF.
The visualization system generates and displays realistic images seen from the simulator’s cabin. The virtual environment includes diversified terrain (lowland or mountainous, open or built-up, including large metropolitan areas) together with its full infrastructure, and also a collection of rich, 3D moving objects (other vehicles, including rail and pedestrians). The simulator’s sound system generates basic noises from a real vehicle, and provides communication with the instructor’s station.
Simulators and devices for driver training, supplied by ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries, are customized under each contract.