About us

We believe in the power of simulation and the cost effective training benefits it can provide our customers.

We are an interdisciplinary team with extensive experience gained through implementing pioneering projects. We provide unique solutions to both institutional and corporate customers.

For more than 30 years, ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries has been searching for new applications for virtual solutions. We help our customers grow, overcome challenges related to the rapid evolution of technology and boost their competitiveness. We always focus on the customer. We offer a comprehensive service from needs analysis to post-implementation support. We are thus capable of providing customized solutions and building long-term partnerships.

Taking on challenges and meeting the customers’ needs, we blaze new trails in the area of simulation.


Welcome to the world of simulation

For almost 30 years we have been blazing trails in the development of virtual solutions, searching for new areas of application. We design and construct training devices and simulators. The company’s shares are owned by Environmental Tectonics Corporation and AIRBUS Poland S.A.

Our history dates back to 1984. At the beginning, the company carried out projects in constructing flight simulators for institutional customers, including, mainly, the armed forces. The company had numerous successes in this regard as it developed products based on unique solutions.

Designing and building a flight simulator of a MIG-21 bis fighter using (for the first time in Poland) digital technology throughout the process.

Designing and constructing an I-22 Iryda training and combat aircraft flight simulator with a 6DoF motion system.

Designing and implementing strategic projects of full flight simulators for TS-11 ISKRA and PZL-130 ORLIK trainer aircraft as well as of Su22M4 combat aircraft and W-3WA SOKÓŁ helicopter.

Recognizing the benefits provided by using simulators and simulation in training devices, the company branched out into areas other than aviation. ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries played a key part in developing a comprehensive PT-91 tank simulator, while Polish State Railways commissioned a full EP09 locomotive simulator from us.

The company also has designed and manufactured simulators for emergency vehicle driver training. These simulators meet the requirements provided by law and are also used for the professional qualification of drivers. We have additionally developed research training simulators for Poland’s leading research centers. The capabilities of those simulators were then extended so that they can be used for psychophysical tests.

Police simulators hold an important place in the history of ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries. We design and build simulators for: training police car drivers, training commanders in conducting police operations, and training police officers in the proper use of firearms during interventions in elevated stress conditions and under time constraints.

Currently, after nearly 30 years of operations, ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries provides unique solutions in the area of simulation, designed for the individual needs of institutional and corporate customers, both domestic and foreign. We also provide specialized software (simulation software, virtual environment software) as well as visual databases.

Solutions by ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries prove useful in any application that requires training process support, taking care of the efficiency and safety of those processes while keeping the costs of our customers’ operations at an optimal level. We work with the aviation, training, automotive, railway and medical industries. Our solutions are successfully used in numerous countries in Europe and Asia as well as in The United States and Australia.

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Our simulators

Simulators are used for training in simulated conditions that imitate real life. They imitate the behavior of an object in specified situations, conditions or scenarios. They are based on advanced mechatronic and IT technologies and on virtual reality. Simulators are considered an irreplaceable and safe training method.

Their scope of use can be very wide. Simulators are especially useful wherever there is the need to streamline and improve the effectiveness of schooling and training of specific professional groups, such as drivers, pilots, soldiers, police officers or rescuers. Simulators are more and more frequently used in industry – wherever there is a need for streamlining and improving the quality of designing products and processes through virtual prototyping, but also for recreational or leisure purposes. 

Benefits from using simulators


Use of simulation and virtual solutions creates a possibility for training and/or experiencing extreme situations in safe conditions. Our simulators and trainers make it possible to significantly improve training quality and extend its scope to include additional possibilities. They create a realistic working environment and offer trainees the possibility to learn from their mistakes while eliminating risks to human health and life. They allow specific professional groups to be better prepared for their work. This applies in particular to professional groups who do their job under high-risk conditions, such as soldiers or police officers.

Competitive offer

The use of virtual solutions in business makes the customer’s offer significantly more attractive, bolstering its position on the market.

First of all, the use of virtual solutions makes it possible to extend the product portfolio to include training components that are not commonly available and components which, when carried out in real-life conditions, pose a danger to the trainees and/or the environment. Furthermore, virtual training means operators can perform their duties efficiently while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Financial savings

The use of simulators contributes to a significant reduction in total costs of ownership. Using simulators manufactured by ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries, the customer receives comprehensive service throughout the product life cycle. Simulators are characterized by a high level of innovation, but they are also designed with the aim of optimizing life cycle costs and total costs of ownership (LCC /TCO).

Types of simulators

We have experience in manufacturing various types of simulators for institutional and corporate customers and for research centers. We continuously expand our portfolio in response to our customers’ unique challenges and needs, offering them professional, customized products.

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How can ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries simulators support your operations?

We are expert in developing solutions that meet the customer’s individual needs. If you want to find out how our simulators can support your activities, read a description of what we can do: Institutional / business customer or contact us.

Our specialists will contact you to discuss your needs and challenges you face and will suggest the most effective solution.


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Our team is our force!

ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries has over 30 years of experience. Throughout its history, we have expanded our capabilities and competence in aviation simulation, which has allowed us to use our experience to branch out into other industries.

We are proud of our team, their competence, perseverance in searching for innovative solutions and the diversity that we have created. Our team’s interdisciplinarity enables us to carry out a diverse range of projects, including hybrids at the interface of IT and hardware design.

Our team comprises engineers with decades of work and experience as well as junior specialists – enthusiasts of state-of-the-art solutions and latest trends in technology. The combination of these two perspectives accompanied by the spirit of cooperation is in our DNA and makes us capable of making ground-breaking developments and providing unique solutions in the area of simulation.


Designers – develop mechanical, electrical and electronic hardware

Software developers – create specialized algorithms that bring the developed hardware to life

Graphic designers – ensure the proper appearance of virtual reality and take care of our products’ aesthetic qualities

GIS specialists – ensure precise rendition of real-life terrain in our simulators

Production Team – makes our concepts come to life

Teams ensuring high quality:


  • repair and maintenance service
  • financial service
  • logistic service
  • marketing service


ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries holds certificates, licenses and security clearances confirming its ability to execute contracts for designing, manufacturing, and servicing military and police equipment both in Poland and abroad. The awarded certificates and authorizations guarantee quality and confirm the wide range of collaboration possibilities with potential partners in areas such as the design and production of simulators for the domestic and international markets.​

Certificates and licenses:

  • ISO 9001:2015 – Certificate No 70/S/2022 (designing, manufacturing, and servicing of simulators, training devices and software).
  • AQAP 2110:2016 – Certificate No 70/A/2022 (designing, manufacturing, and servicing of simulators, training devices and software).
  • AQAP 2210:2015 – Certificate No 70/AA/2022 (software development, replication, delivery and maintenance).
  • Certificate No 70/W/2022 (for export, intra-EU transfer, brokering services, technical support, transit, import of goods, technologies, and services of strategic importance).
  • Concession nr B-369/2003 for the performance of economic activity in manufacturing and trading products for military and police use.
  • NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code NCAGE 0937H.
  • Industrial Security Certificate No SBPK005514P – confirming the ability to protect classified information marked: “Poufne” [CONFIDENTIAL] EU CONFIDENTIAL”, “NATO CONFIDENTIAL”.