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Welcome to simulation

Training | Simulation | Virtual Solutions

Welcome to simulation

Training | Simulation | Virtual Solutions

Welcome to simulation

Training | Simulation | Virtual Solutions

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We at ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries believe in the power of simulation and the cost effective training benefits it provides our customers.

We are an interdisciplinary team with extensive experience gained through implementing pioneering projects. We provide unique simulator based training solutions to both institutional and corporate customers.

For more than 30 years, ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries has been providing virtual solutions to new applications. We help our customers grow, overcome challenges related to the rapid evolution of technology and boost their competitiveness. We always focus on the customer. We offer a comprehensive service from needs analysis to post-implementation support. We are thus capable of providing customized solutions and building long-term partnerships.

Taking on challenges and meeting the customers’ needs, we blaze new trails in the area of simulation.

Unique projects

At ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries we take on the most complex, non-standard projects. Understanding the challenges faced by the customer is always our starting point.

We provide innovations and cost-effective training solutions based on vast experience, tailor-made to fulfil the customer’s individual needs.

ETC-PZL provides manufacturing and software support to ETC’s Aircrew Training Systems (ATS) division. ETC-PZL’s technical contributions play a critical part in supporting the lifesaving training objectives of military and civil aircrew around the world.

Alper KUS
Senior VP ATS Business Unit

Training on simulators does not generate additional costs. We do not damage the equipment, we do not endanger the life and health of officers or any other traffic users

Gen. Insp. Marek Działoszyński
former Police Commander in Chief

Source: https://www.radiopik.pl/3,19694,policjanci-beda-szkolic-sie-na-symulatorach-jazd

Their professional support services ranges from software control and visual displays for Human Centrifuges, which are used for High G, Upset Recovery Training and Commercial Space Training.

Advanced Pilot & Space Training

The simulator is a very important tool in the training of pilots because using it, a person at the controls of an aeroplane or a helicopter will be able to recognize and counteract signs of loss of orientation in the field. Therefore it will be possible to avoid a possible crash.

PhD Eng. Michał Burek
former Vice-Rector for Education and Student Affairs at the Dęblin School of Eaglets

Source: https://pulawy.naszemiasto.pl/deblin-szkola-orlat-zyskala-nowoczesny-symulator-jedyny/ar/c1-2002108


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