Physiological Training Devices

Gymnastic Training Equipment for Pilots (GTEP) plays an essential role in physical preparedness for new and experienced pilots.

GTEP is used around the world in military aviation and space training. Studies show gymnastic training substantially benefits trainees ability to adapt to acceleration, shaping spatial imaging and visual motor coordination. Gymnastics training also reduces sensitivity to motion sickness (air, space and sea).

A basic GTEP set contains three devices, the Rhõn – Wheel, Gyroscope and Looping.

wheel1 The Rhõn – Wheel supports rotations around the axis going through half of the trainee’s silhouette. Depending on a given position, the rotations can be performed in two planes:

  • The trainee’s silhouette crosses the rotation axis (broadside rotations left or right),
  • The trainee’s silhouette is parallel to the rotation axis (forward and backward rotations).

gyroscope1 The gyroscope supports three axial rotations simultaneously, while maintaining a state of balance in a tasked position.

loop Looping supports pendular movements and rotations around an axis placed over the trainee’s head, both forward and backward, left and right. The device supports both movements simultaneously. While performing intense rotations on looping, the trainee experiences to vertical gravity loads (head-legs) reaching up to 6 Gs. The Rhõn–Wheel and the gyroscope are available in various sizes, making it possible to adjust the size of the device to the trainee’s height. Medical monitoring tools are available with the equipment.

Electrocardiography (EKG) parameters and gravity loads in three axes are recorded in real time. GTEP exercises support the assessment of physical effort, stress and concentration level.