Unit Level Training Device (UTD)

The Unit Level Training Device (UTD) is designed to offload certain training tasks from high-level simulators. The system allows the pilot to become familiar with the aircraft and offer training navigational procedures and combat systems. The software-generated virtual environment uses artificial intelligence.
The cockpit of the Unit Training Device is a replica of the cabin of the actual aircraft. All instruments and control panels are identical to the actual aircraft in appearance and operation. The functioning of selected on-board instruments, navigation and flight control systems, together with implementation of malfunctions and full simulation of acoustic effects are provided.
The cockpit is equipped with an electrical control loading system. The out-of-window view is displayed on the monitor or one-channel projection system with a projector and back projection screen.
The instructor station enables controlling the operation of the training device and also permits easy creation of the exercise scenarios (aircraft configuration, the weather condition, time of day and seasons of the year, malfunctions and tactical situations).
The Unit Training Devices are being used to train pilots of the fighter-bomber Su-22M4 and turboprop trainer PZL-130TC1 “Orlik” aircraft.