Helicopter Simulators
ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries

Lengthy and costly helicopter pilot training can be streamlined with the use of training devices and simulators. Relying on vast experience, ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries has designed and developed comprehensive mission simulators to train W-3WA „Sokół” helicopter pilots.
In order to ensure the highest quality, the W-3WA „Sokoł” helicopter simulator has been equipped with customized systems and assemblies, such as:

  • Six-degrees-of-freedom hydraulic motion system with 8000 kg payload
  • Picture generator
  • Wide-angle collimated visualization system, capable of 2000 horizontal and 600 vertical projection
  • Four-channel electric control loads imitation system
  • Pilot seats vibration imitation system
  • Complete set of radio-navigational and on-board instruments imitators
  • Specialized software system
  • Designed instructors station Training capabilities:
    • Familiarization with the cockpit environment
    • VFR and IFR conditions flights
    • Normal and emergency procedures
    • Formation flying
    • Radio-navigational training procedures
    • Use of special equipment
    • Combat missions
    • Low-level and contour flying