R&D Projects


Research & Development projects in implementation:

  • Simulator supporting the training of police officers carrying out activities at the place of a road accident
  • Innovative research and training station “LNG Trainer” for developing tactics of actions using the State Fire Service’s equipment during LNG events
  • Helicopter simulator for Police Aviation

Completed Research & Development projects:

  • Bus & Truck driving simulator
  • The simulator of driving privileged vehicles during typical and extreme actions
  • Comprehensive assessment system of a predisposition to the military pilot profession with the use of flight simulators
  • Simulator for training and supporting leadership training during fire rescue operations in multi-storey buildings and traffic accidents.
  • Simulator of Police actions and operations during crisis situations.
  • Comprehensive research and training system on spatial orientation disorders occurring during piloting military and civil aircraft
  • Development of ORTO-LBNP (Lower Body Negative Pressure) technology for research and training of Polish Air Force pilots in hypoxic ischemia and orthostatic stress conditions
  • An Integrated Simulation Platform for Organisations Engaged with Crisis Management
  • The virtual system to improve shooting training and intervention tactics of services responsible for security (VIRTPOL)