ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries

Software developed by ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries works with various operating systems, including MS Windows or Unix. It applies standard inter-process communication methods and can be used on a range of COTS equipment. RUP (Rational Unifield Process) is applied during software development. Project documentation is based on UML diagrams. The software is modular, enabling modification of particular modules without inference with other software elements. Each module can be used both as a library and as an independent program.
Software developed by ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries is used in around the world by both military and civilian customers, including the air forces of Australia, the Czech Republic, Japan, Malaysia, Poland and the U.S and the army of Poland. Other customers include airports in Chicago, Ill., Minneapolis, Minn., and Nashville, Tenn., NIBRA The Netherlands Institute for Fire Service and Disaster Management (NIBRA) and SERCO Intl.
ETC Offers the following simulation software:

  • Motion dynamics of various objects (aircraft and helicopters, wheeled, tracked and rail vehicles, vessels, machines, weapons, people, etc.)
  • Systems, installations, onboard instruments and specialized equipment
  • Emergencies
  • Virtual battlefield, including movement and activity of different combat elements, military equipment and weapon systems, strike probability, weapon resistance, crew training level, etc.
  • Control of object movement and functions
  • Electromagnetic environment (jamming, radar systems, radio-navigation aids, radio transmitters, geomagnetic)
  • Sound simulation
  • Visual software
  • Control software for various devices (e.g. instructor station software for simulators and training devices, control systems for hydraulic platforms)
  • Software for diagnostic testing, for online servicing and, if necessary, for replacement of simulation software modules
  • Software for monitoring simulation software
  • Software for analysis and evaluation of exercises
  • e-documentation of software (structural and operational)