Computer Based Trainers (CBT)

Computer Based Training (CBT) systems offered by ETC-PZL are an excellent tool for learning with the use of multimedia technologies. CBT systems perform well in acquainting trainees with the construction and operating procedures for using sophisticated equipment, especially airplanes and helicopters.

Under the CBT system, the user receives:

1. Standardized training materials prepared in the form of a manual / handbook.
2. Interactive computer training, which can be:

  • appropriate to different specialties
  • used by the instructor as an audiovisual aid in training lectures;
  • used for individual training

3. Exam platform providing:

  • the ability to create exams and tests at any time;
  • the ability to modify the tests and questions by instructors;
  • questions both in test and task form;
  • random order of questions presented to the trainees;
  • recording the results, to enable tracking progress of specific students.

Our systems are based on the SCORM standard and can be used both on desktop computers and mobile devices, without the need to install additional software (just internet access and web browser). High flexibility and ease of the CBT system configuration allows fitting them to the individual needs of a user. The system’s clear interface provides the instructor with easy steps to assign courses to individual students and preview their current academic progress and results of the examinations. Computer Based Training Systems supplied by ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries are used by leading manufacturers of aircraft.