Simulation Software
ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries

Simulation software is created in our company, not only for our simulator, but also for third-party simulators. We offer simulation software including:

  • motion dynamics of different types of objects (airplanes and helicopters, wheeled vehicles, tracked and rail , floating objects, machines, means of weapons, people, etc.)
  • work systems, on-board equipment and installation of specialized equipment and facilities, as well as fault simulation,
  • virtual battlefield, including the movement and operation of specific measures to combat, military equipment and weapons systems, the probability of destruction of resistance to fire, the level of training of crews, etc.
  • traffic management facilities and the operation of various types of equipment,
  • electromagnetic environment,
  • background sound.

In addition, our company also offers other types of software such as:

  • software for visualization,
  • software that controls the operation of devices (for example, software simulators and the instructor training equipment, hydraulic platforms, control systems),
  • diagnostics software for the current technical condition of the unit and remote surveillance service, including if necessary, the required exchange of simulation software modules,
  • software to monitor simulation software
  • software for the analysis and evaluation of the implementation exercise,
  • electronic technical documentation (design and operating).

Developed by ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries software is suitable for a variety of operating systems, including MS Windows or Unix. It uses the standard method of communication between the process. The success can also be used on a variety of commercially available hardware platforms.

During software development methodologies are used RUP (Rational Unifield Process), and the documentation project is created in the form of UML diagrams. A characteristic of the offered software is its modularity. This allows you to modify or replace individual modules without having to interfere with other software components. Individual modules can be used both in the form of libraries and stand-alone programs.

ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries software is used by both military members and civilians in many countries. These include, inter alia, the Air Force of Australia, the Czech Republic, Japan, Malaysia, Polish, Thailand and the USA, as well as the Polish Land Forces. Among the members of the most famous civil airports include Chicago, Minneapolis and Nashville in the U.S. and rescue training centers in the Netherlands NIBRA, SERCO International Fire Training Centre in the UK, Fire Service Academy in South Korea and Polish State Railways.