Visual Databases
ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries

ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries (ETC-PZL) is a leader in developing and upgrading visual databases. The company has supplied databases to Environmental Tectonics Corporation, a leading U.S. manufacturer, since 1998.

ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries offers terrain databases for the following systems: Full-flight simulators and full-mission simulators (military and civilian) | Tactical simulators | Military and civilian vehicle simulators | Train simulators | Advanced Disaster Management Simulator (ADMS) | Movies, monitoring and security systems, museums and entertainment

To generate databases, ETC-PZL develops digital and traditional maps, technical documentation, descriptions, pictures and films.

We provide high-fidelity simulation of terrain, incorporating such features as:

  • Shape, texture and infrastructure (e.g., buildings, roads, bridges, power networks and military objects),
  • 3D mobile and static elements customized to meet clients’ needs (e.g., aircraft, weapon systems, people),
  • Control-system elements (e.g. road and railway traffic control systems).

Our databases are customized to clients’ needs. Airports, seaports, industrial infrastructure and specific buildings are rendered accurately. We also expand and upgrade existing databases.

We serve clients around the world. Military customers include the air forces of Australia, the Czech Republic, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Thailand and the army and air force of Poland.

Civilian customers include major airports in Chicago, Ill., Minneapolis, Minn., and Nashville, Tenn.; the Netherlands Institute for Fire Service and Disaster Management; SERCO International Fire Training Center in the U.K.; Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service; and Florida State Fire College.